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As a selftaught freelancer who has successfully managed between being a physicist and software engineer, I sometimes get confused with what should appear on my resume.
During my five-year study at the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Nigeria, I came to discover the ubiquitous connection between the natural sciences and technology. this accelerated my drive to begin coding during my secondary school days.
I have to come to love it, my computer science teacher broke protocol and selected him to be a special member of the computer JETS team learning where I learned QBASIC and some other important stuff.
I had one of the highest scores then but my overall marks were not enough to get me in the JETS club or even in the best class which was RED, I had to settle in the second-best class.
Some people did not like this, some did not care either did I. If I had to choose I would have preferred not to be part of it because I felt out of place. I did not have any real friends or even foes in the class. I missed most of the computer JETS classes and I don’t think people would even remember I was part of the class.
Now back to my second year in the University,  I got back into the ICT deal starting out with HTML, and the rest quite picked from there. I would say I did not particularly love FUTA because of what I studied but because of the people I met. I had great roommates and neighbors in my first year. I don’t think I have met people like them ever since, to be honest, I won’t say they were my best friends, I don’t keep a lot of friends, but I would say they kind of like people I looked up to.
Today I am a web developed proficient in programming languages like Java, Python, JavaScript(Angular, ReactJS, React Native, React), Go, and PHP. I had to drop C# which I started with because it was too Windows-ish for me. All this without any certification in the IT field
Over the years I have attended a few coding hackathons where I have been able to learn new stuff and understand the industry better.
An organization like SIFE(now known as ENACTUS) built me with some important knowledge about business, funny enough many of the guys I met in the first year(room-mates, neighbors were  members, and that was a crucial part of my undergraduate days)
Now I am a master’s student in South Africa who recently transitioned from a Physics degree to Computer Systems Engineering, still a physicist at heart.

Writing Code Every Day

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KO Coding is dedicated to delivering a technologically motivated solution to small business, startups, and Medium Businesses in a creative way that brings specific solution and measurable impact that allows her client to risk benefits that satisfy their consumers, our educational content also help the learner become excellent developers in the marketplace.


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