According to the team at Moralis, they describe Moralis as the “Firebase” of crypto, and that is a really high standard if you are a Firebase user, Firebase make it easier to build infrastructure for your mobile and web apps, a tool I use quite a lot

Moralis Documentation Exploration

I only discovered Moralis in the month of November 2021, and I have decided to stick to it, in my opinion and that of the Dapp developer community, Moralis has the right tools and services to develop apps quickly in popular languages like Angular, React etc

Starting with the documentation and this video released by the Moralis team. You are able to built Wallets, DeFi dashboards, NFT marketplace, NFT game, Cross-Chain Bridge, Exanges etc.

Building Apps With Moralis (Documentation)

In the emerging world of Web3, Moralis has an extensive set of tools to build on top of this technology starting with it’s server and sample project and code snippets. Once a server is created, you connect the Morlais SDK and start deploying your app. There are a number of demo projects I have explored in past articles and I plan on extending and building on top of them


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